Paganini Pasta - No Kudos For Wine?

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So I’m in Paganini Pasta, and I’m looking at the prices of the drinks, and I notice a fine bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne for £220.95. I think, fair enough, fancy restaurant, makes me feel like a big-shot if I order it, but looking at the ‘benefits’ of getting it I don’t see a bonus to kudos. Is this a GUI glitch, or will I not get any kudos for ordering it? I’m thinking +100 sounds fair :stuck_out_tongue:

Wayno, one for brown spirits

Ah but look at how happy it made you :smiley:

Bah, I can barely afford anything like that. I am lucky if I can save 50 dollars. If I don’t spend money on my friends, I loose them, and that goes with all friends.

But I was already 90%+ for happiness :stuck_out_tongue: I’m running 80%+ on basically everything where having it high is good, and 0% relaxation. Ahhh the life of a TV Chef.

Brendon: If you play the game strategically and be more selective with whom you invite to events, and don’t always invite large numbers of people, then you can stick to the cheaper (and free) events and still have happy friends :slight_smile: Dropping friends that don’t have good traits and interests that coincide with your other mates also helps. I think my first birthday I had 3 mates, and now I’ve got ~10.

Wayno, thinks butter chicken curry is the work of the devil