Paint Dry Station Graphics

While working on a spreadsheet for times and resources needed, I plopped down the Paint Dry stations and noticed that, to me at least, the graphics for them are a bit wonky…at least in how car dryers work. When you go through a car wash and you get to the end to be dried, there are nozzle with small(er) openings facing you, and past those smaller openings the nozzle gets wider until it reaches the fans that suck in air to blow through the nozzle. In the game, it’s backwards. The small nozzles are on the outside, facing away from the car, while the fans are facing towards the cars. This would mean you would be drying your car SUPER slowly (due to less air passing through the fans due to the smaller inlet) or trying to dry your car via vaccum, which is hard with a non enclosed space.

I know it’s just a graphical thing, but I don’t know how super-technical you want to be with this game, so I thought I’d mention it!

Can I not just pretend they use compressed hot air? :smiley: