Panning with Middle Mouse

Hey Cliff,

could we have panning using the mouse wheel button in addition to the left mouse button. That would allow us to pan the map while we are in build mode, without quitting out of that mode with right-click first.


I second this too.

I have 3 monitors and it makes edge scrolling pretty non-functional (you have to position the cursor on what feels like a 8 pixel wide strip), which makes using the keyboard required to scroll around the map once in build mode. Also when the factory gets a bit cramped it’s hard to find an empty spot to dragscroll from and not accidentally click on assembly steps.

Separating the build from scroll functions would really help, rebindable keys would be even better though. Restricting the mouse cursor to the window might help too.

There is also a slight bug with this: Once you click/hold into drag-scroll mode and move the cursor outside the game window, the game doesn’t register the mouse-up event and it will continue to scroll until you click the mouse button inside the window again.