Parasites DLC - Extra Scenarios

Courtesy of the Friendly Community Mod Squad, this small download will add in 2 Extra Scenarios for the Parasites DLC.

Unwanted Guests:
Its feeding time once again and the Parasites have their sights set on your homeworld as an all you can eat buffet. Your fellow citizens will be playing host to these Unwanted Guests unless you can fend off the invading fleet.

Parasitic Plague:
Time to return the favor and pay the Parasites a visit. Conduct germ warfare as you battle the entrenched fleet to remove the Parasitic Plague from your sector, once and for all.

While the deployment of the enemy parasite fleets are not as varied and unique as Cliffs
The scenarios still should pose a challange for some players.

GSB 1.58 + Parasites DLC
Extract into the GSB directory.