Parasites Expansion pack For Sale

You can grab it here: … sites.html


Excelent - !!
Graphics wise, these have to be some of my favorite ships
Now, where did i put my credit card ?



Oooh, sounds nice. I love the racial descriptions in GSB, especially the Rebels’ necessary composition of irony-resistant species. :slight_smile:

When will we see Parasites added to the DLC bundle? GSB DLC is still on my to-get list.



Cliff, it’s great to have the Parasites expansion out in the light of day, at last. Their starships’ “stained-glass church window” aesthetic style is a real treat. Great artwork; thanks, Irrational!

Even though it’s lacking major kill power on a single-shot level, the Plasma Slinger can be a surprisingly dangerous weapon at times. Take the classic Plasma weapon’s greatest strengths – a large anti-shield as well as anti-armor ability – and put those specs on a Gatling gun. Dakka dakka dakka dakka! :smiley: If you can afford to play a long battle, the slinger’s ability to slooowly grind enemy defenses into mere powder is sweet.

The serious modders are already salivating at the prospect of the Flak Cannon; the game’s first system which deals out “Area Of Effect” damage. The germs (ha!) use it as an effective anti-fighter gun, but it also has a noticeable anti-frigate ability as well. If you bump into fighter spam while playing the Galactic Conquest campaign game, flak will take care of it right quick.

Preventing your flak from damaging your own smaller ships is a greater challenge…

Easily the most hilarious point-defense concept in the entire game, the Missile Revenge Scrambler has me smiling every time I use it. I love that gadget! The Swarm’s Smart Bomb Generator is really cool, but this device is dialed all the way up to “11”.

Considering that the individual DLC races all made their début at $5.99, and they didn’t appear in the newer $9.99 DLC bundle until much later, I think it’s safe to say that the answer to your question is probably: not for a long while yet.

And, yes, I agree; the germs’ racial description is superb. It’s also disgusting and creepy as hell, which adds to their aura of power.

Sold, i shall spend my first ever wages on this all that hard work will be well worth it! Though to be honest if cliff sold apples at £2 i’d buy them for quality!

Actually last year our garden produced so many apples we literally gave them away in wheelbarrows. They grow like crazy here, and everyone in the village has tons of them. We had to cut down loads of the trees this year, but last year I’d definitely have taken you up on that offer :smiley:

Barely scratched the surface of the Parasites, and already loving them. Beautiful ships, fun modules … so, in short, GSB. :slight_smile:

This race is totally badass, like almost Tribe level powerful.

Also, has the equation for armor changed since the last patch? Armor tanking seem worst than the last time I played.

Unless the change is contained in the expansion pack itself, no: I loaded up an armor tank deployment and it handled just as well.

Here’s a few sample Parasites fleet. Yes Parasites does seem to be able to do just about everything

Parasites CL - 4792683
Parasites MWM - 4792699
Parasites Plasma - 4792700

The slinger plasma needs more damage for that kind of range, everything else is incredible.

When will this be on steam?

Sold! But, um, could you maybe put a sticker on it somewhere that says “For Windows PCs Only” so I know next time? I need to wait for my wife to finish being mesmerized by DC Universe Online so I can steal her Win7 PC, run the installer, and import the pieces where my game actually is…

Update: Parts extracted and reformatted for Mac, and am happily enjoying being pounded by ships partially made of glass!

Any ETA when this is gonna hit up with the Steam Client? Just checked on some challenges I sat up with the Union and saw someone with a parasite fleet challenge. Went ‘say WAAAT’ and checked the store before coming here. Does look like a blast to play though :3

I’ve been told 17th october, in principle.

I’m also curious about this. I bought the bundle from Steam a while ago and I enjoy the game enough I’d like to get the expansion, but I prefer to get all the components of a game from the same retailer.

On Monday, hopefully…