Parasites Expansion pack For Sale

Parasites just showed up on Steam for those interested.

It’s so fun,I bought it a second time, just to have it on Steam too.
Then I realized that they haven’t yet released the update for the mac version.


Got it!

Loving the new race.
Great art design, and the flak is now my favourite weapon.

I’m putting it on any ship I can use it on.
A little excessive, but hey. It’s such a beautiful weapon.

I got it last night from Steam as well. Didn’t actually use it yet, but it let me play against somebody’s Swarm retaliation challenge.

Looking forward to the Mac release…

Okay, bought them some days ago, and i have to say that i’m in love with the plasma slingers, but when looking at Flak cannons, i think that they are way too much powerful against the already very limited ship type that is the fighter. They are too easy to use, and i have to say that i’ve expected something more “epic” when talking about the shockwave, something like the swarm smart-bomb, as example.
About the RTS module, I LOVE it!
And to not talk about custom bullet feature, i think that you could not make something better to rise the weapon-making possibilities.
Oh well, a 2/3 score stills a good score right? Good job Cliff! ^^

Sweet. I can’t wait to get my hands on the flak gun and see what I can mod it into.

Great to see, this on steam, will buy it when i can.

Just to nitpick, the DLC bundle on the Positech site is still advertising itself as containing “all four” DLC packs. Shouldn’t that be either “all five” or “four of the”?

I just got them and it doesn’t include the parasites, just like the collector’s edition is only 3/5 of the new races.

Should it include them? Probably, it’d make it easier anyway, but it’s not strictly necessary I suppose.