Parliamentary/Congress Vote System

Perhaps as a ‘hard’ mode for the game you could introduce some sort of parliament/congress legislature system where you have to negotiate with the other parties/your own members to get the votes necessary to pass laws/policies. Thought this might sit well considering you can form coalition governments now, so perhaps you could have certain laws passed, but only with support from the other party on the condition that you don’t implement it as strongly as you want? e.g. implement armed police but only at a low level. That way you still get your policy passed, but not as effectively as you’d want?

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Is this regarding Democracy 4? If yes, Production Line is a separate game! Try to edit to categorize Democracy 4 Alpha Feedback.

Hmmmm. it is an interesting idea that perhaps there could be limits other than political capital that apply during times of coalition. I guess theoretically we could extrapolate from current popularity to see what voter groups the player currently is most caring about, and then have limits placed by coalition partners that prevent any extreme measures tilting towards those groups…

TBH perhaps a more urgent change would be to find a way to make coalitions more likely in general.

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