Parliamentary Seats and Electoral College Votes

The big change/addition that I would like to see in this game is the inclusion of parliamentary seats and electoral college votes in order to win an election instead of the popular vote, due to the fact that many countries don’t have a proportional representation system for voting (possible new set of policies).

  1. Parliamentary-Style Governments don’t always mean you win the popular vote. In the last Canadian election, Justin Trudeau won a minority government without taking the popular vote. It would be cool to see how many seats you gain or lose based on your decisions, and how well you used electioneering to your advantage.

  2. With the last United States election, Clinton won the popular vote by close to three million votes but Trump won due to his targeting of key swing states, thus giving him the electoral college victory. You could tie electioneering into this as well.

I think these changes could really add an additional layer of depth and realism to the game. Doesn’t have to be a huge change either, it could simply be outputting the seats/electoral college votes below the popular vote.