Part of fleet not available for Postmortem

Did a quick search and I didn’t find this mentioned anywhere else…

For large missions in particular, I have noticed that the postmortem statistics screen fails to show the entire fleet. I get one screen worth (I want to say it’s 20 ships, 4 X 5? Maybe 24), with a vertical scroll bar along the left side. Except the scroll bar doesn’t actually scroll.

I hadn’t noticed it earlier because I was largely amusing myself by fielding giant swarms of [whatever], and when you know everything you fielded was the same design, you don’t so much notice the quirks of the postmortem. But now that I’m fielding more varied fleets, I find there are entire ship designs I can’t validate because none of the two or three ships of that design that I deployed are shown.

I can’t reproduce this. Are you using the scrollwheel? it doesn’t respond to the scrollwheel, but it does seem to work with clicking the buttons or dragging, at least in my tests. Has anyone else seen this?

The scroll bar behaves as though it is already showing everything - the entire vertical bar is white, like it has no up or down to move. The arrow buttons don’t seem to do anything either.

Ace is a stupid crapsack. Can someone please tell me how the hell to put an image in one of these posts so I can demonstrate what I’m seeing at the postmortem?

You’ll need to upload your pic somewhere on the net (free image hosters do the job quite nicely). Then you can show it in forums putting the image-link between the tags. But the image hosters usually already provide you with a ready-to-use link to use on message boards.

Thank you Asmodeus.

Here is an example screenshot of this issue (modified somewhat in MS Paint):

In this case, I deployed 4 squadrons of the fighters highlighted in red, and three of the frigates highlighted in blue. But what is shown here is all I could see in the postmortem. The buttons for the scrollbar highlight correctly when hovering the mouse pointer over them, but they don’t do anything.