Part Storefront

We have the ability to import and make parts, it’d be interesting to have the ability to export them as well.

We can sell cars, why can’t we sell repair parts or upgrades to the punters who bought our cars and the repair shops?

Have it use one of the export slots and random stock requests that pull from the inventory system, or have a stockpile-like interface that limits the onhand stock and price.

The emergent fun of having outside pressures on your manufacturing setup: For some reason, everyone wants replacement flywheels and are willing to pay a premium on them, so you have to decide whether slowing your car manufacturing is acceptable for the £oadsa Money for the aftermarket or you want to deal with putting another flywheel worksite in and hope that you get the ROI on it before the demand goes away.

Yes. I want to be able to make like 10,000 parts I don’t want and sell it on the open market when the price is right and tank the price so low that its actually cheaper to stop manufacturing it myself and I can turn off an entire section of my production line and drive competitors margins so close they don’t make any profit, and then when they go bankrupt start it up again. New end game goal for me as soon as this is in the game.

Next you’ll want the ability to buy competitors out or manipulate the stock market by buying majority stock in their suppliers. I don’t know if going down the dark path of Business Bastard would be fun to all… but I’d sure as hell play it. :smiley: