[Partially Implemented 1.08] Bankrupt change

When going though a game and saving up money for an expansion that is relatively expensive it is kind of disheartening when you purchase it and then you tic over into the negative despite having a positive net gain in spending money, I think this is mostly due to the fact we have to purchase materials to make cars. I think the having the option to acquire a loan or allow us to go into debt further would benefit the game experience as a whole

Yes this is definitely planned. I may bump it up the list…

A system similar to Transport Tycoon would serve this game well I think.

In TTD, at the start of the game, your initial capital funds are a loan anyways. You pay interest over that loan every month. You can get more loans but that also adds to the interest, and if that money isn’t wisely spend will send the company in a downward spiral of not having enough money -> take more loans -> interest payments get higher -> not enough money.

For harder difficulties, the maximum amount borrowed and the load interest rate are adjustable.

Some games disable spending money when in debt, which I think would be a good fit here.

So for this game you could go negative, but then not be able to do anything until your balance is positive again. Obviously spending money on power and payroll would still be required, but buying new factory parts would be disabled. Not sure if disabling imports would be a good idea or not. Perhaps there are levels… And if you go below your credit limit then that’s the game over there.

I also like the idea of starting with a loan as mentioned above. I think that and the disabled spending could be worked together.

Could have it bound to time. Like when you are in the negatives for X amount of time, you lose. Instead of losing instantly when you hit the negative.

I’m going to both disable buying resources when unaffordable, plus code a bank loans system… :smiley:

Thank you very much for getting back on that one I greatly appreciate that

You can see the loans GUI (disabled) in the new version. We are interested in feedback on the best implementation on that.

I believe that if you tic to far into the negative that a loan window should pop up and you should be forced to acquire a loan. In terms of loan sizes I believe that you should have a small medium and large loan. I would also like to see the implementation of a “Micro-Loan” a small higher interest loan just to get you over a hump, such as if you are like 10k away from purchasing something you really need or it is 10K to get you out of debt while you wait for a car to sell just something small if you know what i mean, not a huge loan just something small

Not too fond of the idea to be forced to take a loan the moment you hit the negative.
Maybe an idea to be forced to take a loan if you stay in the negative for 12 or 24 hours in game time. Of course, while you are in the negative, you can’t buy components.