Party Membership Question

Hi everyone,

I bought the game yesterday and love it. I was playing until 4am and couldn’t wake up this morning :blush:

Anyway, let’s go to the question. I’m playing the Freedonia scenario and everything has gone well. GDP to the roof, 5 achievements already, peak of 99,45% voting intention, etc. Everything seems clear and easy (too easy in fact, have to try the other scenarios). But there’s one thing I don’t understand: During the game the party membership went gradually up until almost everyone in the country was a party member. Then, all of a sudden it started to drop…VERY fast. The voting intention has always been between 90% and 99%, almost all groups are happy, but the party membership has dropped to zero. I win the elections anyway, of course, it doesn’t seem to have any effect, but I’m curious to know why that happens. Is that normal?

I’d like to second this. The same thing happened to me last night while reigning over Bananastan (socialist-agrarian). As leader of the socialist party I had 100% support from them, and about 92-95% of the total popular vote of all citizens.

For whatever reason, however, each turn resulted in a serious decline in party membership. Eventually it was down to zero (shouldn’t it be at least one, or did I resign too? hehe). I still had fanatical support from everyone, so I am at a loss to explain why party membership declined to nothingness. Any thoughts? Is this the result of some interconnection of policies, or a bug?


[edit] - I just wanted to confirm that this was with the latest version (1.14), not an older one. I read through some of the patch history and saw that this was a known issue with the original release as well.

I noticed something else playing the scenario a little bit more. At the time of posting I had a vote of around 90%. Changed a few things and it increased again to 99.75% over several turns. During those turns, when checking different groups I would see an increase in membership (from 200,000 to more than 4 mill, depending on the group and turn). But the global membership continued to be zero. No way to move it from there :open_mouth:

If you check each of the voters in a certain voter group, you will notice a complacency meter. I think this is filled by continued good status and lack of change in the country, and reduces party membership and voter turnout.