Patch 1.007 Feedback Thread

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[code]version 1.007

  1. Fixed bug where the deployment icons on the battle screen were no longwr showing their popup windows.
  2. Fixed crash bug when using very high amounts of muzzle smoke.
  3. Increased minimum range of missile modules.
  4. Fixed bug in displaying certain bonus effects on the design screen, notably for missile launchers.
  5. Replaced ‘gratuitous shaders’ option with a toggle for the distortion effect.
  6. Sped up the drawing of unit shadows.
  7. Fixed yellow-screen corruption bug
  8. Fixed bug where the progress bar for the score would not always draw correctly.
  9. Performance improvements allow for higher quality visuals when zoomed out on higher spec PCs.
  10. Infantry do not now talk as frequently when onscreen in large numbers.
  11. Some variety introduced in the placement of tiny props next to certain turrets
  12. All turrets now have surrounding ‘splats’ to merge slightly with the terrain.
  13. Special props can now be hidden from the editor.
  14. Fixed bug which displayed an empty unlock dialog on certain occasions.
  15. Some optimisations to speed up drawing of drifting smoke, and reduce particle effects when framerate drops.
  16. Fixed unit design bug preventing ammo loaders being selected if a rate of fire aug was already fitted.
  17. Fixed bug where a map would not tolerate starting supplies being higher than the mid-game supply cap.[/code]

Since nobody has posted feedback on this patch for 3 days, I’d like to make a suggestion:

What if the design load/save screen was like the division designer that you use in battle to select your units? It would be easier to find designs and you could easily filter and assign them.

Thanks for the yellow screen fix, haven’t had it since. The missile min range change was a good call too. I’m still finding there are a few problems with saving custom maps though. Trying to edit the values in the time, max supplies and victory points boxes resets them to an undeletable number (10000, 2000 and 1 respectively). The time of day also always resets to midday when you go back in to re-edit a map. Otherwise all is good, loving the game.

Aha interesting, I shall make a note of those and get them fixed in the first post-release update.