Patch 1.06a failing

After installing the patch (i’m using the full version of the game), I click Finish to run the .exe file and it comes up with a ‘Patch Failed’ notice. What do I need to do?

are you running windows 2000 possibly? I’m not sure my patcher works on win2k. Either way, if you email me at cliff AT I can sort out a full redownload, which is the other option. I will try and sort out a better fix when Im not rushed off my feet.

I’m getting the same error. Using Windows xp, sp2.

Its actually 2 errors…

CRC Failed : patching process has failed

Kudos Patcher: patch failed

When I run the game, it the title screen shows that its version 1.06a. I don’t know what to look for to see if it made any changes or not.

I’m running W2k and haven’t had any problems with the patcher. I think I’ve patched the game at least 3 times so far, works fine here.