Patch 1.1 -> Beta, install at your own risk etc....

Ok, for you adventurous types, back up your whole kudos game directory first, then install this:

As long as i don’t hear any horror stories, I’ll update the main version tommorow. Here’s the changelist:

1.1   Added Mousewheel support for the avatar selection screen
      Added support for scrolling in rejigged job search GUI
      Added entirely new career - > Journalism
      Fixed crash when disabling music before starting a game
      Fixed exploit where shopping, crosswords and TV watching could take up 2 activity slots.
      Fixed huge stonking memory leak in the sound system.
      Changed internet updates download GUI a bit. also made it so newly downloaded avatars are immediately accessible.
      Added togglable popcorn option for when you arrange a movie night
      Added movie projector sound to cinema event
      Added control to adjust intensity of snow effect.
      Added new solo activity -> surf the web
      Fixed bug where day of week was not reset when starting a new game after an existing game.
      NPCs will now refuse to socialise at your house if its dirty (depending on their culture).
      Converted cash and cough.wav to ogg files and removed redundant bang.wav
      Added post-it note reminder to calendar for the bowling matches

works fine for me.

I get an error when buying fishfood with 1.1. Kudos freezes and an error box comes up “No Free Channels:C:\DATA\PROGRAMMING\MILO\GUI_Sounds.cpp 399”

Damn, is that reproduceable, or was it a one off?

Definitely reproducable. If you’re buying anything and you click repeatedly and quickly on the buy button it seems to be unable to cope with producing the cash register sound.

cheers, I’ll investigate.

Ok found it, I’ll make sure that’s fixed when I release the main version tommorow, I’ll rename that to 1.1a ;(

You’re a star. Couple of other things. The keyboard is still nv_music_keyboard. Also the problem of being unemployed when you reload your game still seems to be there.

I like the Journalism. Aren’t editors better paid than that? Alan Rusbridger gets £329,000. Nice work if you can get it.

It’s a shame that Basic IT skills aren’t a minimum qualification for a legal career in real life. I’ve spent the afternoon talking my father through sending an email.

heh. I guess wages arent that high in Slough.
That unemployed bug really really should be gone, I can’t repro it now. Is this with brand new save games that you get it?
I’ll sort out that missing bit of text too.

I think it was but I couldn’t swear to it. I’ll try and reproduce it.