Patch 1.11, beta only, let me know what you think

Ok, the official game version is still 1.1a, but here is a patch to take you to 1.11. This includes all those funky new backdrop graphics, and I think it’s much nicer.
Let me know what you think, probably best to backup the whole kudos directory first.
If all is well, I’ll be updating the main purchaseable and demo versions to this tommorow.

it works fine for me, I did notice on the internet updates they dont all show up like they used to but all still work in the game.

yes, they will get put back, the old downloadables are incompatible, bit I’ll be adding them today in the new (smaller) format

the game looks cool.

The new backdrops are definitely a great improvement. 8)

I don’t care much for the new menu colours, though. They look great when the sun shines, but a bit out of place with the other backgrounds. Maybe it just takes some getting used to.

Another minor issue has to do with the lines from your friends to you that indicate the strength of your relationship. They used to become brighter as well as thicker when your relationship strengthened, but now they only seem to become thicker while staying at full brightness. I found the old way to be much clearer. It’s harder now to see at a glance who you need to spend some time with. Is this because the transpancy wouldn’t look good on some of the new backgrounds?

As you mentioned before, the problem where you lose your job when you load a savegame seems to be gone. However, one of my savegames still causes another kind of trouble. It reports an error. I’d tell you the error message, but this message board seems to choke everytime I include it (I get a 406 Not Acceptable error in both IE7 and FireFox) :open_mouth:. Go figure. (See below, though, for the error message.)

Also, there’s a problem with the avatar of the guy with the purple shirt. It looks like his alpha channel has been replaced by black. This was already the case before the patch, but it didn’t bother me that much. With some of the new backgrounds, it’s much more noticable.

I put a zip file on my website that contains the savegame that causes trouble as well as a screenshot of the ‘guy without alpha’ and a text file with the error message mentioned above. (601 KB)

Hi, I suspect i havent included the purpleguys new dds file in the patch. In fact I certainly havent.
One of the side effects of the new system is it lets me double the resolution of all the avatars, so they won’t have that blockiness. I’ll redo the patch tommorow and make sure to include the higher-res ones. The downloadable ones won’t have this problem.

The relationship lines get too invisible on the white clouds, so I compromised, in that they still fade their alpha, but never go totally transparent, and the change in thickness is more pronounced. Its not ideal… I tried changing to bright/dark instead, but that looked dreadful.

I’ll investigate this save game bug too.

I love the new backdrops and also the flies when your home is dirty. The dog barking when a burglar comes is fixed too.

I’m liking the 1.11 patch as well. I like the colors on the backdrops grin but then, I’m cheesy like that.

Well, I don’t know if it will be duplicatable, but I’m having a rather strange bug.

When it changes days, frequently the bottom 20% or so of the screen stays on the old pic, and that portion also sits on top of the mouse, making it hard to hit the continue button (or even the exit button), since you can’t see where the pointer is.

Started a couple games, same thing happened every time it changed teh background graphics.

Oh, and those graphics do look much cooler, by the way.

On the other hand, it could easilly be my computer, which is pretty much slowly dying at the moment. But I’ll post this anyway, just in case.

that sounds like a video card driver issue. Kudos now composes the background each turn into a separate image thats then drawn in one go, it sounds like your card driver isnt happy about that occasionally. Possibly its low on video memory?

Entirely. Or just that it’s a really, really crappy graphics card (well, technically, it’s not a card, since it’s an Integrated chip (silly laptops)). Honestly I’m not surprised. Ah, well. Looks like no more Kudos for me for a while.

Eeeek. Integrated cards are the spawn of satan. it might be ok if you follow the instructions on the support page, to force the game to run in 16 bit color. (edit ColorDepth in config.muf) that migth free up enough RAM.
But a new card, even a real cheap one, will make a huge difference.

Can you adjust the video settings? It could be a problem with the refresh rate. I know on my desktop just changing the Hz rate can make the images look different.

Hello Guys,

The patch is also mirrored at Strategy Informer to let you know :slight_smile: … /8901.html

Found another bug?

I was living a lonely life as usual and neglecting my home so it was lord of the flies in there. Anyway I got a raise so I decided to spend my new wealth on a cleaning service and later I got a chess set. I invited a friend over, but they wouldn’t come because they were afraid they’d catch something. Odd since my home was spotless thanks to the cleaning service.

oooh thats weird, did you do a final clean before getting the service? I will try and replicate this.

BTW, if you re-downlaod the 1.11 patch, it replaces the avatars with the higher res once, which don’t look so blocky.

I distinctly remember not doing a final clean. That might be why.

hi, i just downloaded and installed the 1.11 patch, the title screen comes up like this:

In fact, all the screens are like that…
Please help!

edit:I have a AMD Athlon XP2400+
2 ghz processor
224 mb ram
64 mb AGP graphics card
I just checked my other games that I play most atm (AoEmpires 2 Gold and Emperor RotMK) and their fine.

I think the fancy background drawing stuff doesn’t work on some older cards. is it an intel card? I’ll be putting a workaround in the next patch for this. (less pretty but stable).

Ah. I’m getting a completely black background screen with the menu only. I thought it was just a new opening screen! (I also thought it was a vast improvement. I’ve had rather a lot of female faces shoved at me over the past few years and they get uglier every day).
Don’t suppose you could leave it in as an option?