patch 1.15

is on the patches page now, for those with earlier versions.

1.15 Fixed bug where reading a job rejection twice hit your confidence again! Added new feature that highlights friends icons when you select an event they have an interest in. Spending time alone with an opposite gender friend who isnt your partner now causes jealousy Additional music track added Added ability to buy romantic gifts for your partner to improve the relationship

o__o;; It told me my patch failed when I clicked ‘run PosiPatch.exe.’ Not sure if that was supposed to happen. >__>;

It was successful for me an hour ago.

hmm it certainly shouldnt do. whats the title of the error box when it says patch failed. Or it might be the message… one says ‘path failed’ the other says something else as I recall.

It said path failed. Eh well, everything the patch does already happens in my game. o_o Jeez, I bug you alot cliff, I’m sorry. XD

Thats ok, I want to make sure everyone has a good working copy of the game.

Worked for me. Given my past history with Kudos patches, that’s something. :slight_smile: