Patch 1.21 released today

Details here:
full change list:

Version Beta 1.21 March

  1. Fixed a bunch of font errors in non-english versions.
  2. Fixed crash bug when clicking blank module slot on deployment screen.
  3. Added remaining medium and hard deployments.
  4. Increased the missile speed of Frigate based anti-fighter missiles.
  5. Reduced duration of standard ECM shock weapon, fixed missing data for ECM Shock missiles.
  6. Increased rate of fire for cruiser defence laser.
  7. Reduced crew and power requirements of point defense modules.
  8. Reduced crew and power requirements for point defense scanner module.
  9. Frigate radiation gun now actually does radiation damage.
  10. Radiation weapons now show payload and decay stats.
  11. Total conversion mod support: Base game can now be disabled under mods.
  12. Weight-attaching limpet launchers now work correctly.
  13. ‘Enemy Deployment Unknown’ is now drawn in a sensible place and color.
  14. Fixed problems with some achievements not tracking correctly.
  15. Added default ship designs for the Yootan hulls.
  16. Expert mode high scores for all applicable missions now get tracked online.
  17. Retaliation challenges will now work correctly.
  18. Added a bunch of new module graphics for some of the variations.
  19. Fixed various issues/crashes when you fight a challenge using ships named the same as challenge ships.
  20. Added 10 New complex ship hull components for the terrans.
  21. Changed the challenge database updating so you get more immediate updates on changes to attempts, victories etc.
  22. Some new explosion particle effects added.

Hope you like it!