Patch 1.29 and Steam

Just a heads up if you have the game on Steam, 1.29 is out and launching GSB will start the update. However, the update folder won’t be defaulted to your Steam GSB directory (at least, it wasn’t for me.) If you have the game on Steam, make sure it’s set to update the correct game directory, steam/steamapps/common/gratuitous space battles by default I believe. You’ll know it worked if it says 1.29 full on the title screen, and to be absolutely sure make sure the Rebel Midgard frigate is in the ship builder. Just wanted to help out people who rush through installation programs without reading, and then figuring out why it didn’t update properly like me :smiley:

Are you sure? Steam usually gets that right… It’s the auto-download within the game that usually gets it wrong…

Yeah hes right I had to run the install manually its in, My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\patches just point it to the steam directory like he said.

The game updates itself independent of Steam, so you have to put it in the right path, I would have had to change it anyways though because my game isn’t on the C:\ so not really a biggie for me.

Steam is still installing the 1.27 patch(It just did for me.) What ends up happening is that, unless you tell steam not to update the game, it will keep “downgrading” you to 1.27. The in-game patcher keeps tryign to take you to 1.29 As a rule, since there’s already an auto-patcher in-game, I tell steam to leave GSB alone. But yes, the in-game patcher always gets the wrong install path if you’re on steam.

I haven’t had that problem but I haven’t rebooted since I got the patch either.

figured it out…

thanks for the information above that i just recently understood.