Patch 1.36 out now, adds some cool stuff...


So I failed to get that decal stuff working right but…
The game now supports custom textures, including sticking them in challenges that then get shared. I’ll do a video on this in a few days but basically…

In ship design view when you right click an object you now havce an option to choose a texture for it. By default, there is none (just the default one with the component). You can select from a bunch of stock textures that exist in the latest patch but…

If you stick a jpg or a dds file inside \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\custom_textures

Then those will show up too. You can also adjust the texture zoom/scaling using a new slider. That object is then textured, but works like before, you can mirror it, make composites, scale & rotate, go nuts.
The smart bit is that when you save out designs that use custom textures, and then issue challenges with them, those textures get bundled into the gsb file for other players to see when they fight your ships. Hello custom logos, Hello ship Names, Hello crazy-ass tiger-stripe ships and ships with rotating images of famous pop stars.

Have fun :smiley:


And…here is a video showing how it works:


That ship sure has brains.

Those fighters are behaving very oddly. Have I missed a new feature?

The custom texturing is a great feature. It is impossible to fully imagine the range of things that might be done with it.


you have unleashed a monster, the end is nigh