Patch 1.40 testers needed


If you bought direct (Only way I can verify a gsb owner) and fancy trying the 1.40 patch, can you email me at You need to backup your old GSB installation folder first. I’ll send you a link to 1.40 to try it.
There was a crash-on-startup bug introduced by 1.39, so it got pulled. It didn’t affect everyone, and was inetrmittent, and I think I’ve now fixed it, but don’t want to spam out 1.40 to everyone until I can verify that, so anyone who is happy to try it out will be much appreciated. It also helps if you know your way around windows a bit in case it stuill crashes and I need error logs.


i have just installed and now i am testing it…

I have for the future request patching: i have Commodo Firewall and it always ask me what to do when something new is happenning… and sometimes i have problems with geting back to the desktop to click alllow action button so the whole downloading and patching can start…


Nice patch changes in 1.41 but

How can i exit from followcam mode? it seems that it can not be un done…