patch 1.43 seem 2 be crashing

i think its the patch’s fault… didn’t happen b4, but i cant seem 2 find what’s wrong wither :frowning:
EDIT: this so far happened only when empire (or more specifically, shield booster) is on field

is this happening 2 any else out there?

can you email me ( the files in the \my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug folder?

sent… did u recieve it?

plz get it fixed up asap…


I’ve noticed a crash too, I think it’s when a craft dies while shieldboosting is under way. Not sure if it’s the booster or boostee.

I don’t see anything with a recent date in the logs.

The stats on that module probably should be adjusted, though. I’m rolling over some of the hardest challenges around with 100% forces remaining.

A recharge rate of 45 - if that translates directly into shield charge - is just crazy.

Oh yeah it is fun to use! I haven’t played “against” it yet - just playing around - but wouldn’t orders to take out frigates first instead of cruisers?


i have attempted to replicate the crash with limited success… seems to be the reciever

I think I’ve found it, so I’ll be doing another patch soon.
bah :frowning:
I might change its stats slightly too