Patch 1.50 background bug

when in campaign mode and looking at the map, the planets show up as they would normally. but the space background shows up white.

I’m investigating now

Also the install screen says the patch is 1.49, not 1.5.

does this file exist?
\gratuitous space battles\campaign\data\bitmaps\ui\campaign_map.jpg

and is this line in the file:
\gratuitous space battles\campaign\data\campaign.txt

MapTexture = “campaign_map.jpg”


Yeah, the installer has a typo, I’ll fix it…

Thanks. Just manually put it in and it worked!

Back at last.

that all appears to be there, and i still have the problem

Could you try doing a fresh install of the game using the full game installer (rather than a patch). Something must be screwing up in the patch, because all the data seems to be where it should be, there must be a file that isn’t getting updated.

I am sorry to say that i had already installed it from a fresh download, as the patching did not start for me.

i also tried it once more with another fresh download after your comment on updating the files.

Holy cow. Can you let me know (in fact pls email the files in

\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug.

The only change is that the file name for the background is now in a text file and not hard coded, but that shouldnt cause any problems at all. I take it you can open that jpg file ok in a graphics program?