Patch for Mac version?

Hi there,

I just purchased the mac version of Kudos and I am encountering similar bugs that have already been addressed in the forum. However, I can’t seem to find this supposed “fix” at Red Marble Games. In fact, I can’t even get onto their website…anyone have a direct link to the actual patch for Mac OS X? I had Kudos on my PC without any problems, but now that I’ve bought a Mac I was hoping to play it on here as well.

Errors I’m encountering all revolve around games freezing after you save, exit, and try to load your saved game.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide. It’s a great game, so I hope there is a fix out there somewhere and that I didn’t just pay $20 for nothing!

Hi, I’ve asked redmarblegames to contact you, as they deal with mac support, cheers,


i have kudos on the mac aswell and am having similar problem, mainly that when i load a saved game it will not allow me to end the day, please could you pass my problem onto redmarblegames aswell,

many thanks

No problem, just emailed him,

I have the same issue. Which is weird considering how long it’s been.

I’ll point out this thread to them

The issue seems to be that MacGameStore has the version of the game before the fix. We’re hoping they’ll put up the repaired version soon. The game is definitely fixed, though, so anyone encountering the problem should just email us at support … at … redmarblegames … dot … com.

Any update on this? I still can’t use windowed mode, and the game occasionally craps out on me. Still well behind the official version as well.

Hard to be believe but I just purchased Kudos from RedMarbleGames the exact same problem STILL exists. When I try to load a saved game it refused to let me end the day.

Is there a way to fix this yet?


Sorry, Cindy. Just emailed you a link to the repaired version. I thought the demo at Red Marble was also a fixed version, but apparently not; will take care of that now.