Patch isues on MAC emulator

So I downloaded the Gratuitous Space Battles demo. I played it. I had a lot of fun.
Then let me be honest, I didn’t have money at the time so I pirated the game. I played it, had even more fun, but felt kind of bad.
Then I got a hold of some money, so I brought the full version and the tribe expansion. I installed it and I was just giddy.

However the game crashes upon startup. I reinstalled the demo, the demo runs fine.

What’s going on here? Any way I could fix this? Or failing that get a refund of some sort?

My computer is a macbook. Intel integrated graphics. Core duo etc. I can bring up more specs on demand.

EDIT: If I uninstall tribe, same result.

EDIT: More info. If I install the 1.30 patch for softpedia then the game works: … atch.shtml

However 1.35 crashes for me. Pretty sure it’s the version difference that’s doing it.

EDIT: Ok. I installed GSB 1.35 (from the link BMT micro emailed me). It crashed at startup. Then I installed the 1.30 patch for softpedia. It worked. Then I installed the Tribe expansion. It worked and the Tribe ships are really pretty :open_mouth:

Can I go off and activate my thingy from the online button now? Or will there be some sort of problem because I don’t have the latest version???

uh… i take it you have a PC emulator, so that’s not the problem… well, I’m not the developer of the game, Cliff is, so I don’t know what I can do about this. but no, do not activate your online thingy yet or else the game will auto-update and you won’t be able to play the game again until someone fixes your problem. but to get a good chance of someone fixing your problem, look in debugdata/errors.txt. find the latest error that has happened. copy and paste it here. and cliff will figure it out :smiley:

don’t worry, i know what i’m talking about. I’m a Mac user too :smiley:

You pirated the game, then an it on a mac and you want a refund?
The game isn’t supported on a mac. All bets are off. And as for pirating it…
I can’t believe you have so little understanding of what this emans that you will then come here and moan.
Everyone else paid for the game. What made you think that this was ok?
Give me one reason why I shouldnt ban your forum account, and delete your online serial number.

I paid for it? I brought the game? I helped to support a game maker whose game I like.
If you do such things, then I’m certainly not going to purchase The Order, and I probably won’t tell my friends about this awesome game I bought either.

I paid for the game to. I have supported you financially just as much as the other people on the forum.
Maybe that’s not enough. If I bought a second copy would you help me with my problem? I’m sorry ok :frowning:

Macbook hardware, windows software.
Old patches work. New patches don’t.

Asking for a refund was dumb though. Keep the money, you earned it. I’m still hoping something can be done about recent patches breaking compatibility with my “graphics card” (as far as I can tell).

If you like my games why did you feel entitled to pirate them earlier? Did you notice the demo available from day one? Did you notice that the games are DRM free? did you notice that the game costs the same as a large pizza and a large coffee? What excuse did you have?

Eventually. You also helped support whatever warez or torrent site you pirated the game from. You encouraged people to pirate it by supporting their actions, If you used a torrent you actively helped to distribute my game for free.
This is so clearly unethical and illegal its not even worth arguing about.

The game is not supported on mac.
I have to assume you are pretty young and naieve and don’t realise what it emans to a software develoepr when you steal their hard work. It’c clear you like the game, and that you enjoy it, and I’m glad about that. But the worst possible thing you can do is to pirate a game and then complain that it doesnt run on an unsupported platform. I’m glad you later bought the game, but don’t think that makes everything just fine because it absolutely does not.
Almost every developer I know would have already banned your account, nuked your posts and killed your online account, without a second thought.
And you would not have a leg to stand on refund-wise.

I didn’t torrent it. Also adblock.

I don’t see how I’ve hurt you in any way… What money did you not gain that you would have gained if I had not done this?

I certainly don’t want to hurt you at all :frowning:

What you did was illegal. What if you had not totally loved the game? you would have just kept your stolen copy, and had the same product and entertainment as the honest people who bought it.
You have to see what you did was wrong. At rthe evst least see it as insulting. This game took me 16 months working 7 days a week to make. You took all that work for nothing, figuring if you felt like it later, you might pay for it.

And this topic is locked. If you try and start new topics to complain that your copy doesnt run on a mac, you will be banned. People come here and check the support forums to see if the game runs ok, and see a guy who pirates his games moaning that a PC game wont run now on his mac. Gimme a break.
There is a mac port of the game underway, so it should run fine when that is done. Until then the game is unsupported on mac, although it runs fine for 99% of mac owners. if you are pirating games, god knows what malware is currently on your PC. all bets are off.