patch or bug?

ok i downloaded the patch above and now my game will not even start! it drops out to windows almost from the get go (ie: goes black screen then drops out). i got the patch to fix a bug that dropped me out of the game sometimes after about 20 minutes of playing so now what am i going to do just play for 20 minutes then quite then restart my game? i have a pentium 4 1.8 ghz 1.2 gbt ram machine running windows xp pro with a nvidea 6800 gs/xt video card.

have you tried to patch the retail game? if so, email me at

and if no should i email you at the same place? that is what i will do just in case. and thx for the repid reply.

thx the patch seems to have worked. why do you not make the patches more availible? this seems like a lot of hassle just to get a program that works well.