patches for Mac

I’ve seen reference made to patches/updates for Windows systems but haven’t seen the same for the Mac OS. Have I missed something at the site? My game is doing strange stuff, pretty much what I’ve read others talking about. Any assistance?

Hi, the mac version is ported by a 3rd party so I can’t help, (I don’t even own a mac) but you can email support AT if you have any problems.

Thanks, I will give that a try. For some reason, the game seems to be getting flakier and flakier. Makes me feel as though it isn’t a game worth playing and I know it’s a good game.

no game should ‘deteriorate’. they should either work, or not work, the code itself does not change. Are you sure you have no spyware or adware or other problems on your PC?

Don’t think that spyware, adware are issues. I remember having lots of that stuff earlier on when I was using a PC for so long.

The game seemed to run well in demo mode. As I got into the game after purchasing it, messages stopped being displayed when clicking on friends for activities. Then, new friend faces were displayed as blank white boxes. After exiting the game and then trying to reload it, the file wasn’t even found in the reload area. I also found that, in spite of repeatedly initiating activities with the friends and also accepting invitations, they would disappear, one by one. It was bizarre. I just don’t know what to make of the game’s behavior.

The company that did the mac port have managed to replicate some issues, and are currently working on a fix.

I am a Mac user that knows that I don’t have spyware/adware on my system. I am having the same issues. I just bought it tonight and I am not happy that I am having so much trouble after paying for it. The demo seemed so wonderful.

At least I know I’m not the only one with these issues. At this point, the game is not worth playing. Unless some proper fixes can be developed in a timely fashion, I’d be very interested in a refund of what I paid. But, I can be patient for a little longer.

To all those concerned about the Mac issues – we’re now very close to a solution to the problem. It does appear to be something that happens only after playing for a while, so it doesn’t tend to show up as much in the demo. (For those who may be technically inclined, the Mac version doesn’t use the same compressed textures as the PC version, and it seems that part of what’s happening is that the game runs out of texture memory after playing for a while). We have a couple of fixes in the works and expect to have the game fully repaired by week’s end.

In the meantime, if you want to play, save your game frequently, and when the graphics start to misbehave, quit back to the desktop and then start Kudos up again. We realize this is annoying and not a permanent solution, but it should work in the interim, and any saved games that you have now will be recognized and loaded by the repaired version so you won’t have to start over.

Sorry for the annoyance in this. The game was heavily beta tested before release but this problem didn’t show up, and we’re getting on top of it as quickly as we can. We’ll post again here as we progress.

Wonderful!! Thank you for replying so fast!

Lovely. Sounds like a winner. Thanks.

Hi all – as promised, we’ve got a new version of Kudos Mac that seems to solve the graphics problems people have reported. We’ve already been in contact with everyone whose email address we have, to give them instructions to download the replacement. If you haven’t heard from us, we probably haven’t heard from you … so email us at support (at) redmarblegames (dot) com, preferably from the email address you used when you purchased the game so we can confirm, and we’ll get the replacement right out to you.

Thanks everyone for your patience as we work out these few problems, and we hope you all enjoy Positech’s great new game, now on the Mac!

I downloaded the demo this week from Apple’s Web site. It still has a lot of graphic problems, rendering the game unusable. So, it may need to be updated.

I just got around to downloading the patch, installing it, and running the game. Starts out well but after playing awhile, all of the important information went white. Quit but the game didn’t save my progress…all apparently lost now. This sucks.

It doesn’t seem to be saving any games.

:confused: I just bought the game early this week for my mac (14 in. ibook G4) and am VERY disapointed. It’s true, the graphics slowly get worse as you play and quiting to the desktop would be fine- except the game only auto saves once very early in the game and then when you try to save it appears to, but doesnt.

RedMarbleGames, I really appreciate that you’re looking into this, but this shouldn’t be happening and I’m pretty fustrated >.<

I no longer have problems with Kudos. The company graciously refunded my payment and I trashed the game. Too bad because it was a pretty good game. It’s ONE solution, anyway…

We ARE continuing to work on these issues, which seem to show up only for a small minority of users. Doesn’t make the problem any less aggravating for those who experience it, though, we realize.

We stand behind our games 100%, though, so anyone who finds the game unplayable and doesn’t want to wait for another fix should email us at support (at) redmarblegames (dot) com and request a refund, which we’ll take care of promptly.

Thank you very, very much for responding! I’ll happily wait for a possible fix because Kudos is a very good game and I think it’s worth it; I just hope there’ll be a fix at all.

In the meanwhile, you guys might want to look at Second Life. It’s free and supported on Mac, PC and Linux.

Hi all – We have now definitively fixed the remaining problems with Kudos – the few people who were having graphics and save-game problems are now reporting that the problems are resolved in the new version. Whew!

So if you’ve held off purchasing because of these issues, fear no more; and for the very small number of people who requested a refund, please contact us at support(at)redmarblegames(dot)com and ask about a special discount to get you back in the Kudos family!