patches for Mac

So, is it a patch? if so, how do we go about getting it…?

I still have some issues, and just got the full version.
The avatars I download don’t show up, or are displayed as black in the selection.
I have version Final 1.15


I can’t seem to save a character. Each time I start the game, I have to option to play the previous game (after enabling AutoSave), but I can’t bring back anyone else.

Is this going to be addressed? The Mac version is a pain in the ass, but I haven’t had any graphics issues yet.

I’m only seeing two bugs in Final 1.15 so far:

Occasionally, the game will play two or three background music tracks simultaneously for extended periods of time.
The swapping puzzle game doesn’t work properly. Whenever I swap two jewels, they swap back immediately. If the swap would have created a set of three then points are awarded, but if no points are awarded on that move then the board returns to where it was before the swap was attempted.

hi that’s not a bug, its the way the game works, you can only do a swap if it scores you points.

Oh, okay. It seems like there are boards where no swaps are possible, so that seemed a bit odd. Okay… at least I know that’s working, then. :slight_smile:

If it’s a bug, you need to remove so not to make more harm to your system. I suggest you to useKAspersky to remove the bug. I use it too and it’s very good, efficient and easy to use. Try it, you have nothing to lose.