I would like to ask about the patching that you mention on your site. My husband and I both bought copies of your game from The patches do not work with these?
We are a little concerned as we paid $20 USD for each of them
If you could help in any way please let us know

The developer should be back in the next day or two from vacation. Just hang on for a bit. :slight_smile:

tyvm Glinka:)

No, sorry, the patches on my site are purely for the positech version of the game. Right now, there are no patches for the portal versions.

btw im back.

Welcome back! Didja have a nice holiday?

Great, but I haven’t slept for 48 hours now, and came back to 850 emails ;(
(lots were spam)

Get gmail, excellent spam filter. :slight_smile:

scarily thats AFTER using gmail. I get 1 spam a minute (or more) if I don’t use gmail…

Dang, that’s pretty bad. Just saw the game on today as the featured game.

Yeah - and on Trygames itself! Very nice to see!

Big Fish is where I found the game. It’s my intention now, having found this site and reading this board to avoid buying anything through them, though. Instead, I’ll use them to try new games and then hunt for the ones I want direct from the maker (wherever possible).

If I had known that there were a difference in versions, I would have bought my game here. But I thought pogo purchase was the full version.

So are we going to be able to get patches for the game?

Also if I was to buy it again from you would I need to unistall my pogo version first?

it is the full version, the differences between the two versions are very very small. It’s just that this version has had a few tweaks since then.