Patching without Steam

Am I able to patch my game without connecting it to Steam? Or is it automated somehow?

Thanks for replies,

If you buyed on Steam you must connect to Steam.

If you buyed on Gog you must download updates from Gog.

If you buyed from Positech, you can choose: download from Positech or activate the Steam key that Positech sent you by email.

If you have Steam version but not buyed on Steam… pirated version have no updates.

Actually I bought it from this website yesterday, but I didn’t figure out where I can download the patches here?
I discovered the changelist thread but nothing to download the changes from. Maybe I’m simply blind…
Help is very much appreciated!

I have the Steam version.

For Positech site version, I think that you must download the full installer. Go to the link provided on the email that Positech sent you.

For version from the positech website the game itself will periodically check for updated and automatically download/install them.

Thank you both!