Did the patent system that was discussed in the video blogs make it into the game? If so, my understanding was the AI should not be able to develop a drug that’s 100% identical to your own (for example a tier 1 with a different concentration is ok, but not one with the same concentration). Likewise the player would not be able to make one that’s 100% identical to one the AI already developed, if they get there first. I ask because it seems like sometimes the AI is developing drugs that are 100% identical to my own. Tier 1s with the same rating, for instance.

As of right now there is no patent system, so everyone can make the same drugs.

I hope they do this.

I’m not sure about what all was said in the video, but they should definitely put a lot of consideration into time a patent is valid. Wouldn’t want them to be too over-power or really under-powered.

Alternatively, they could have several option for patents

  • Patent A
    ----Cost: $1000
    ----Active Time: 1 year

  • Patent B
    ----Cost :$3000
    ----Active Time: 2 years

By using this system, a more strategic experience would be available to the player. They have to decide if they think the drug is worth protecting from the competito. They could dominate the market by blocking out competition, but they could waste money on patents for drugs that don’t do so well.

This could be made more diverse, too. Not just concentration, but location in the four slots, other effects and cures, cure type. A patent for a cream that’s at max concentration for stopping migraines but has a side effect active shouldn’t stop you from making a pill that’s max concentration for stopping migraines without the side effect, or if it was shaken.