Hey fellow Liners,

i have an issue with the path finding of the car conveyors.

After the last body station, i placed 2 painting stations. The conveyor clearly prefers the left station for no reason. Everytime both stations are free, or working with no queue in front of it. The conveyor transports the car to the left station, resulting in all other stations behind that painting station to be overloaded while the right line has lots of “waiting for vehicle”-time.

SUGGESTION: The car should be transported to the station that is going to be free the earliest.

The next problem is, the left lane seems to have right of way. When there is a queue being split by a T-Section, cars coming from the left are squeezed in while the right line has to wait, causing a backlog as long as cars are coming from the left. Sometimes its three or more cars in a row getting squeezed in.

SUGGESTION: The cars should be let in in alternating patterns.

Do you face similar problems? I tried to work around it, but it still occurs occasionally.