Patriot Balance WRT Space Policies

WRT “Democracy 4 Overhaul Mod”, too many space policies lead to 100% patriot membership. Cap patriot membership. Ignore if already capped in base game.

Hey Chantern15.
Really not sure this belongs on here.
This is related to a mod - you could contact the Mod Creator / interface with them on Steam, each mod has its own page for that very purpose… it’s unlikely he’ll end up reading this suggestion.

Might be worth deleting your post.

I meant it in reference to the mods that Cliff uploads to the Positech Mod Server, hence its relevance.

Ah I got you.
Still - isn’t this something to take up with the Mod Creator rather than post here ?
A population will always be between 0 and 100% so 100% is the cap.

It sounds like the mod has not been balanced properly.

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In case I missed something I just purchased another copy of Democracy 4 to install the non-steam version. Sadly the Mods Available screen is empty.
Am I doing something wrong here Chantern?

Edit: I added the game to my firewall & tried disabling anti-virus but the same problem is there.

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I finally managed to rename the userpath to from Ásla to Asla. So that fixed it. E-mailed cliff about this bug.

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Will Cliff is the authority behind uploading mods to the Positech Server, the author would be responsible for the ones uploaded to Steam.

It shouldn’t be possible to make one group 100% of the population, that was what was the the problem with ethnic minorities too, hence, the base game should not allow Patriots to reach 100% either, in case Cliff includes more space policies in game and ties them to Patriot membership. This possibility of groups becoming 100% of the population, should only be possible with the “everyone” category and so there probably should be a pass done on this.

Well, each person is a member of multiple groups, just because 100% of the population are patriots doesn’t mean that 100% of the population are ONLY patriots, they’ll be self-employed/state-employed, young/retired, socialist/capitalism etc :slight_smile:

Sorry for the rambling I thought you were saying → "WRT “Democracy 4 Overhaul Mod”, too many space policies lead to 100% patriot membership. " as if Cliff was the one that can change it, if you are asking for the mod to be updated then ask to the mod creator & if you want something to be uploaded or removed then yah Cliff is the maintainer.

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Yes, but the problem is that when you have 100% patriots, which no set of policies should be able to do, even the tiniest amount of immigration sets off extreme nationalism and other associated problems. And I hope that this unbalanced state of affairs can be fixed.

Yeah, no problem, I hope Cliff updates the mod selection on his server.

Well, why not? If you’ve got a DPRK country then it makes sense that basically everyone is a patriot.

Anyways, what you’re asking for is for there to be a cap on how high some values can go.
Tell me what voters you want to cap and what percentage you want it to be and I’ll make a mod for by scaling the membership accordingly. All you need is a policy or statistic to be added to do that.

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See, I think where you and I are differing is base game changes vs modding the game. As ethnic minorities were patched in the base game to not reach 100%, the same way, patriots should not reach 100%. These changes were made to farmers too, to prevent them from reaching 100%.


I went away and did some experiments - you’re correct Ethnic Minorities & Farmers have been given nerfed inputs so they cannot become 100% of the population. I still think it’s very possible for a country to become 100% patriotic (DPRK being the obvious example).

My approach wrt 100% is that Cliff may or may not adjust the inputs to Patriotic Membership which is why I am proposing modding things in using overrides.

What I do think though is that it’s too easy to wipe out Patriotism with good foreign relations. I understand that having good relationships with country’s will lower tensions and therefore intense patriotism but since 100% foreign relations reduce patriotism by 20% and the usual value is about 20%… lol patriotism dies very quickly.


Hmm…interesting observations, I hadn’t thought of that. As per you comment about North Korea, A) it’s a totalitarian state bordered by seas and mined fences (the chinese border is fenced). B) In spite of this, the expense, the frigid cold, the pain of death or execution and the imprisonment of 3 generations of their families in concentration camps, rampant propaganda, people still want to undertake the risks of escaping, so it’s unlikely that even in the DPRK, patriotism is 100%, even if it seems that way. And even patriots must be leaving NK, after seeing what the Kim family has done to their beloved nation.

I hope Cliff does include it in the game, the fix, but if not, you’re free to make mods, I have no problem. :slight_smile:

The ease to remove patriotism probably needs to be fixed too.

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