Patriots and the immigration protests

Context: To mix things up I promised to raise immigration rules by 50% as a manifesto promise, I usually don’t do this, but I wanted to mix things up and see what happened.

I have the immigration protests crisis, and there are only two inputs to it. This means that if I want to get rid of this red bubble I have to either make there be less immigration or make there be fewer patriots. This brings up a few points:

First, I went policy shopping to see if anything would down tick the protests. None of the extreme crowd control policies such as tear gas, rubber bullets or water cannons seem to affect this. (clarification: I’m not someone who’s in favor of this approach in real life, I’m pushing buttons in a computer game to see what happens) Anyways, I thought the point of these policies was crowd control for when a certain block of the population simply won’t play along with the government’s choices.

Second, there aren’t any policies that I can find to prevent a cultural schism between immigrated populations and…domestic? populations. I’m not sure what word to use for “not immigrant”, I don’t want to say native because in North America that word has a VERY specific meaning. At the very least the citizenship tests should down tick the crisis a little. Policies like language classes for immigrants could help with this.

Third, there should be a link between unemployment and these protests. The most common objection to immigration is, as South Park put it: “DEY TOOK UR JERBS!” (That’s “They took our jobs” if anyone missed it.) If I’m able to largely address unemployment (I know, good luck in this game) then people should be more open to immigration so long as they don’t feel that their own employment is threatened.

Finally…the “patriots” voter block. This single block includes some people who just don’t belong under the same umbrella. Chasing the “have fewer patriots” lead, I looked into membership inputs to this group. The main input is the space program. I can’t think of any soft way to put this, but the people who are on the edge of their seats for the first James Webb telescope images and the people who want to get rid of the immigrants just aren’t the same people. This may also be a good place to bring up the difference between a patriot and a nationalist. In short, patriot = love one’s own country, nationalist = hate people from other nations, in line with some other words which end in “ist”.

There’s no immigration situation related to both of Legal Immigration and Patriot membership. Ghettos situation is linked to legal immigration but patriot membership doesn’t feed this. Illegal Immigration Crisis has only one input- Illegal immigration. Actually, the only situation that is fed by patriot membership is Extreme Nationalism. Are you using any mod?

As far as I know it’s possible for a patriot to be a xenophobe, a nationalist to be xenophilic and for there to be an overlap between JWST lovers and immigrant/immigration haters.

But I’m just splitting hairs here.

…crud…yeah I’m running a mod, I guess this must be a mod crisis…oops.

Well, disregard thread. Cliff, if you see this, I won’t complain if you take down this thread to clean up the forum.