Pause game for duration of on screen messages..

It would be good if the game paused at the research complete message… in fact why not pause game for all messages?

This would not be so important if there was a research queue… but it would still be good to pause at queue complete.

I think the game should start paused, to, and be paused when you reload a save.

I personally don’t like the game going into pause by itself completely.
So it should be a game option to turn on/off pause on game notifications or something.

At a minimum, let us be able to pause the game while the message is open, so we’ll have time to read and decide what we want to do next without losing research time.

I would like to see research being buffered, so you still collect research points when you’re not researching anything, but it gets applied instantly once you select something.

It works the same way in Hearts of Iron 4 and it prevents you accidentally lagging way behind the AI if you forget to select a research thing. With the size of the tech tree you’re bound to accidentally click the “modify car design” button and end up not researching, while still having to pay wages for the researchers.

I would like the pause, and the research points building like that is something I never heard of before. I just remember playing Xcom and being able to allocate scientists to research, so you could put 10 on the Sectoid, 20 on the Muton, and 30 on the avenger. And when you forgot to reallocate some you fell behind and the Ethereals would wipe you out.

But pausing would be awesome.

I can add pause on research complete as an option, although I do also plan to add a research queue which would make it less necessary anyway