Paying by mail/Fax

Looking at the game and wanting to buy it, but don’t have a credit card or anything due to being underage. I notice that on the purchase page there is an option to pay by mail/fax.
What does this entail? Just sending the money in the post to some address or is there more to it than that? Would this mean it’d take much longer to process (since presumably it’d be handled in person rather automatically, as well as having to wait for the money to arrive).
And would I have to send pounds/dollars or would euro be ok (It gives price on site in euro so presumably that’s ok)

As I understand it, you can pay by any currency, but yes it does take much longer. I presume it involves paying by mailing a check. There isn’t really an easy and safe way to buy stuff online using cash :frowning:

Yeah well I might be able to get a friend to buy it for me or something, not sure if I know anyone with a paypal, if not I’ll probably send away the cash for it.