Payment methods.

Hello and thank you for making great games.

I have been trying to buy Kudos 2 but noone of the payment methods appear to work for my card. I use a Maestro card and at the first page when you choose payment method it says you can use Maestro for your payment, but neither the “Paypal” or the “Credit card” options will allow me to. It seems the banks won’t allow anyone under 18 years of age to buy things over the net, I guess they don’t realize that leads to increased piracy.
The only method that appears to work is the fax thing, but I don’t have a printer here.

Anyway, if it was possible to pay for your games via cellphone this wouldn’t be as much of a problem for, and you would probably get a few more sales from others as well, I have no idea how much it would cost to set up such a service, but this is meerley a suggestion.

when online stores (including mine) say credit card, they mean credit or debit card. I’ve never owned a credit card either, and bought hundreds of things online.