I don’t have one of the credit cards listed for the online credit card payment and I don’t want to pay the extra fees associated with the other options. If you could add Maestro/switch or paypal to your payment options then I’d buy the game.

As far as I know Maestro/Swith don’t charge any extra for transactions, and it’d make it all the easier for me, especially as it comes straight out of my bank account.

We do accept paypal. I’ll have to copy back the old forum post on it. Basically we use a different credit card verifier (RegNow) for our paypal orders. If you go to, on the front page you will see that there is a separate link for paypal orders.
I’ll post this link as a sticky here.

Thank you. I was browsing which (I’ve checked again) doesn’t offer the option of paypal.

no it doesn’t but the main company site at has a link to it at the top in the democracy section

I mailed a payment by money order for democracy the game on march 16th and I still do not have the game can some one please tell me how i can get the game?

Im investigating this, you should have received the game by now