Peculiar Recurrent Crash

This is very odd, it occurs when my character is dating someone. The phone rings and it’s a close friend inviting my character to play chess. I accept the invitation and BANG the game performs immediate CTD. It’s happened with more than one character, and always a non-romantic one-on-one activity with someone other than the love interest. I suspect the love interest is supposed to come beat me up out of jealousy (?? I’ve never seen the outcome) and the game throws an exception for some reason?

It’s the only problem I’ve ever had (that wasn’t generated by my mangling of csv’s :wink:), and not even an annoying one, but am curious nonetheless what the cause could be.

sounds like a bug that got squashed a while ago. even if you have 1.18, redownlaoding and applying the 1.18 patch should fix it. Basically I fixed a bug in the 1.18 patch but didnt rename the file, so reapplying that should do it. It becomes 1.18a then

1.18a Fixed crash bug when socialising alone with same sex friend instead of partner when same sex relationships were turned on

Downloaded and patched, thanks again cliffski.