[Pending][Bug 1.44] 500 Cars produced achievement

I know it’s just a simple thing, but it seems to me it’s only taking into account the total number of cars of a single model, instead of all models. See the pic attached, where i have just sold my 500th car of Sedan Medium, but I’m way over my 500th produced car.

P.S: Maybe the other 2 related achievements suffer the same bug

Great work with the game tho!

That definitely looks like a bug! So I assume this is the ‘Mainstream production’ achievement that is not triggering for you when it should have? If so, can you send me the save game from
\my documents\my games\production line\savegames
to me at
cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.
I’ve looked through the code and cant find any way it go wrong, I’d love to load up your save and see whats happening.


As I said on the email, it’s not right when I got the achievement, but I hope it’s still useful.

Digging around in the save and the achievements, I think maybe the progress for mass production can help you too, as its at 0.532 and I have produced 532 for the SedanM class, and 1.7k cars in total.

Some other details:

  • I think SedanM wasn’t my first model, but its the one that i have sold the most
  • I’m playing thru Wine on a Mac, but I haven’t had any other issues with the rest of the achievements