[Pending][Bug 1.47] Demolish and savegame load Problem


i want to rebuild my factory. But every time the game crashes. After that, the game can no longer be loaded.

Youtube video shows the Problem:


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good quality vid.

Heres a note from Cliffski on the Steam Forums page:

The game stores all of its player data here:
\my documents\my games\production line

The game generates new debug files called ‘debug.txt’ (general game stuff) and ‘drawdebug.txt’ (video card stuff) in this folder:
\my document\my games\production line\debug

There is also an error.txt file in there if the game has ever encountered an error, and that file is never deleted.
Looking at those files, or quoting from them can be helpful to me when I investigate any problems.


here are the files:




Very interesting. Sorry you are experiencing this bug. Is it always happening when you delete a LOT of things one after the other very quickly? I admit that I do not normally do this, so it might be that there is a bug in there I haven’t found myself yet.
If you delete things more slowly, or maybe when the game is not paused, is that working ok?


after i delete ALL objects with right klick it does work… I think it is a Problem with the demolish tool. The Problem comes with all objects.
If i demolish only 10-15 objects the problem doesn’t come. I think the problem is the amount of objects to destroy.

Sorry for my bad English, i use google translator :wink:

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interesting, I will look into it but am away next week at GDC so it will be at least a week, sorry!

I’ve been trying for ages to reproduce this and cannot. To clarify, it happens every time you go on a demolish-tool spree?

Having this issue from the most recent update when trying to load a game.
Getting a runtime error as follows.
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Rubtime Error!
Program: …team/steamapps/common/ProductionLine/ProductionLine.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

Game closes.

New game seems to be working but when I save it and try to load the same happens.
Can see all saves when saving so they are there.
I have uninstalled and done a fresh install.

Hi Justyce, this seems a different issue to this delete bug right? Could you email any save game that will not load to cliff At positech dot co dot uk. Savegames are in
\my documents\my games\production line\savegames