[Pending][Bug 1.49] Fit Wing Mirrors slot onsite stockpile is asking for paint

The slot has been upgraded with Extra Robots I, Predictive Stock Control, Heated Wing Mirrors, and Folding Wing Mirrors.

The stockpile has 8(+0) Heated and Folding Wing Mirrors in it, but is also showing 0(+1) paint, specifically undercoat it looks like. My painting operation is nearby but this isn’t it.

I watched it for a while and suddenly, instead of asking for paint, it was asking for +1 rubber.

I am making parts (for example tires) onsite, but nowhere near here.

All models of my cars use heated folding wing mirrors.

I ripped out the slot and replace it and the problem stopped. Only 8 of the 16 stockpile slots will be filled with heated folding wing mirrors. Every once in a while some normal side mirrors show up and then disappear, but I suspect this is WAD.

I’ve been watching this and it’s kind of driving me crazy.

The slot has a stockpile immediately adjacent to it.

None of my models require anything except heated folding wing mirrors.

The slot never has fewer than 6 of them in it, because immediately after using 2 of them, 2 more come from the adjacent stockpile.

And yet the slot will sometimes flash “insufficient materials” and this shows up in the slot’s pie chart at 3%.

There is this bizarre Schrodinger thing going on though, because if I click on the slot and watch stuff going on, this never happens, but if I close the slot’s window it immediately happens. The warning flashes immediately after a car leaves the slot.

Hi, the schrodingers thing suggests to me a possible cause. I shall investigate. the game prioritizes updating a slot if you click on its window, so I assume that then clears it, but I’ll have to investigate how it could ever happen. TBH this is an old bug which I was 95% sure I fixed.
Is there a chance that if it happens again, you could send me the files in
\my documents\my games\production line\debug
to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk.
Sending me a save game would also help (to the same address) and any custom map you are using. It also helps to link to this thread so I know who contacted me.

That just all sounds completely bizarre!