[Pending][Improvement 1.07] game pauses when loosing focus


at all it’s not a bug (I believe) but makes it less convenient to me.
I often have the game running on the main screen while looking at forums (like this atm) or doing some notes and researches for my next line optimizations.

So at all my question is: Is it possible to keep the game running even if the program does not have focus or is minimized?

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I second this.

With 2+ monitors it’s easy to let the game running on another while doing other things. Especially since the fastest speed isn’t really that fast and you sometimes have to wait a bit for funds to come in, it would be nice if that wouldn’t block my whole computer.

Additionally to this, I find that if I move the mouse pointer onto the second screen to do some browsing, following a video, or whatever, then the game starts automatically scrolling the screen, which is a bit annoying. Is there any key to jump back to the centre of the game screen maybe?

Hmmm, no scrolling on my side no matter what I’m doing at the second screen to the right.


While in some cases it might be good to pause when loosing focus, in other cases it is not desired.

I suggest making it an option or so.

It doesn’t scroll on multiple monitors if you have the build menu up.

Yeah, this would be the best solution for everyone :smiley:

@topic: Even when the building menu is closed there is no scrolling when I do stuff on the other screen. So there must be a difference in pc configuration that causes this different behavior.

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Some people like games to pause, others not. I’ve implemented this as an option in other games, so I know it cant be too hard to do, I’ll put it down as a non urgent thing to do!

Hey Cliff,

I agree, this feature is nice to have … so low or lowest priority.

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I thought the pause was intentional. Though I would like the option to continue running in the background as I have a multimonitor setup.