People skills

I’ve reached the point with my chef character that she needs more people skills in order to advance. I’ve read the people skills book, and that wasn’t enough. I saw a prior post here where the job of doctor was suggested for gaining people skills, so I took the massive pay cut and tried being a doctor for a while, but my people skills have not improved at all. I tried nurse, doctor and surgeon and none of them have effected my people skills at all. It’s been about a year game time that i’ve been trying the medical thing and it just isn’t working. Will someone please tell me how you raise people skills? :frowning:

Become a bartender. That’ll jumpstart it fairly quickly and the nice thing is that I haven’t noticed a drop in them once you get them.

The idea of chucking in my 40K job and going to work in a bar doesn’t really appeal… Some other ways of raising people skills (like Conversational activities and high Kudos, surely?) would be good.

EDIT: Whoops. Didn’t spot that Bartendering was a user-created job. Kudos (HA!) to JWolf for putting that together.

Work in the bar first thing and watch your alcohol intake because it goes up every day you work. If you go out for beers in a bar, you’ll be doomed to a life of alcoholism.