people skills

how do I raise them?

ive read to be a bartender…but i cant find that job at all

bartender is an extra (downloaded) job in the positech version. IT helpdesk does it too, or you can organise really big (and successful) social events.


Try inviting 5 or more people to a snowball fight. (In winter, when it snows, only!)
If they have a good time, it will boost your people skills significantly (about 10 % I think).
I didn’t even aim to do this and was quite surprised when I found out how I even came to have this skill - as snowboall fights don’t cost any money and are great to stay in touch with many friends.

Cu, Kate

Hi, I have the Yahoo version of kudos (I think it’s ver. 1.00, but not really sure).

The successful social event don’t work for me. I tried the snowball, tv watching, wine and cheese, etc with good or excellent rating, but didn’t raise my people skill a bit.

However I found a little ‘trick’ (maybe a bug?). Buy people skill book. Read them. When finished, sell it. Wait a while until it’s available in the shop again. Buy it, and pages read count reset to 0. I bought the book 3 times, and got my people skill to 100%.

Curiously when my people skill got 100%, most of my social event rating went down the hill. Before 100% I can easily get excellent, or good at least (as most of my friends have so much in common). After 100%, most of them are dreadful or dissapointing. Maybe a bug?