Percentage of income groups not in sync with membership

So I was looking at the membership of each of the three big income groups and noticed they were still roughly 25/50/25 for poor, middle income, and wealthy on the voter groups panel in the center which seems strange since I moved my nation in a very socialist direction so I lifted quite a few poor people out of poverty. Yet the membership graphs show quite a bit of difference here because it says the poor make up a quarter of the populace when the graph shows what looks like a more accurate (very low like at or below 10%) percentage as seen in the picture. The wealthy were also apparently roughly at 25% based on the “Percentage of Population” even though the graph showed it more like ~50% of the population. Don’t know if it’s a bug or not but it just doesn’t seem to be adding up as you can see the in pictures.

EDIT: I double-checked the other voter groups and they all match with the percentages and what the membership graph shows. It’s only the three income groups which are showing this weird discrepancy.

The distribution is the same, always the bottom 25% of th enation will be considered poor, if you make them increase their income then they are still poor relative to the ones with more income.

The membership is related to their voting principle, ie, if they are low income but care more about religion then they will vote more based on their religious ideology than their self-interest due to being low income. When they are in a worse situation financially then they will join the poor voter group because they will vote based on their financial situation.