Performance evaluation

Idk I would just get more satisfaction out of the game if there were some kind of ranking system that determines and displays a “final score” at the end of each game.

Obviously there are goals - for example: to be re-elected, to avoid assassination etc…

I’d just like to get some sort of understanding of how well I did at the end of each game, rather than the “wtf? thats it?” immediate return to the start menu, making you feel as though you wasted the last half hour of your life.

You can look at the changes that have happened since you first got elected. Because of the vast difference in political views a final score would cause many players to be up in arms.

I’m sure everybody holds a number of things to be helpful like not having a deficit so these things could be taken into account as opposed to how many people are liberal for example.

This just isn’t a game that leads itself to a simple score. The score depends on your objectives. I can’t say whether low poverty or high GDP is more important to you, that is a value judgement. Personally I’m quite keen to keep CO2 emissions low and GDP and education high, but not everyone will share such objectives. The game has achievements which track various goals, but it has deliberately been designed to encourage you to set your own standards for success.