OK, so I’m playing as a Salesman, which means that the persuasion stat is very important. However, I find I am fighting a constant uphill battle to keep it anywhere near 50%. I read the book on persuasion (I think it was called NLP), and I socialise with people who are persuasive which gives the stat a boost, yet it still seems to be constantly falling. This is getting very annoying! Is there something I’m missing that might be causing it to fall, or an obvious way of keeping it boosted?

Fixed in the latest patch…the rate at which the attribute degrades has done down. Hooray!

I don’t think it is, as I am already on version 1.02.

The current version is 1.03, so you don’t have that fix yet.

Ah, my apologies. I assumed it was the latest version as I bought it after Cliffski went away, and I thought he always had the latest version uploaded. Will patch it and give it a go.