How do you increase Persuasion? Besides hanging out with a persuasive friend? And why does the Persuasion drop off so rapidly? I add +10 and the next couple days it’s gone already. How do I maintain Persuasion after I build it up?

I have an International Lawyer who is failing at her job because she can’t build up enough Persuasion for her job. Also, since I am so focused on building Persuasion, her IQ keeps dropping off fast too. She is miserable all the time after work because she lacks the skills to do a good job.

Luckily my character has one Persuasive friend who I keep making her hang out with. He is now her boyfriend because they hang out so much. But she needs to constantly keep hanging out with him to keep her Persuasive level 25-50% high. Since she gets max Persuasion by hanging out with him solo, I am thinking of cutting all of her friends and just hanging out with him alone. Except maybe keeping one or two Confident friends to build up her confidence since she also needs to be confident as an International Lawyer. Maybe I will play and get rid of all the friends and see if a new charismatic friend comes along to build up her charisma level.

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There seem to be limited ways to increase your persuasion:

  1. Reading “Understanding NLP”
  2. Watching the Thriller “The Persuador”
  3. Having persuasive friends

If I’ve missed anything let me know as these are the only ways I’m aware of.

Wayno, pretty sure he knows all

I studied NLP IRL and all stuff related to it and it helped my persuasion none at all. When I tried it, it also didn’t work. NLP is overhyped. Other stuff like Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” all those books are mostly not useful and intuitive knowledge is what works.

I’ve read “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and the main thing I got out of it is the author likes hanging around people who give him compliments :stuck_out_tongue: The only thing it was good for was letting you know that frequently people want to talk about themselves and don’t care for what you have to say. I’m not going to throw my own opinion on the accuracy of that; just throwing it out there as an observation :slight_smile:

Wayno, not caring about you response :stuck_out_tongue: