Pet food missing.. ?

I just installed the 1.06 update, and now all the pet food seems to be missing from the store… My pets hate me!

Also, what’s needed to be able to go shopping? Seems everytime I desperatly need to get some pet food I can never go :slight_smile:

That’s correct - same thing happened to me! Aargh - as I lie here in bed typing on my laptop with the cat on my lap (unusual, she’s normally on my chest) and the dog beside me cosy under the bedclothes I tremble with horror at the very thought of them starving …

Holy cow how did this happen. apologies! investigating…

Dang, ok fixed it, but will be a while patching it. but eear not, if you download this file:

and save it in your kudos/data/simulation

directory (oberwrite the existing one), your food will return. Sorry about this. looks like 3 patches in 1 day. I’m not touching anything after this!

Fixed properly now in 1.06a, patch link on main kudos webpage.
sheesh! I need sleep.

Old question that I never saw answered… but I figured out that you can only go shopping on the weekends. Seems a bit silly to me, as most of my shopping is on the way home from work irl, but that’s the way the game seems to be programmed. My pets needed to go a few days without food to get to the weekend… hopefully they can last up to 5 days without food (mine went 2), so that simply not getting to the store on the weekend before they run out (if they ran out of food on a Monday) wouldn’t cause major problems.

you can also shop mondays. Buy a laptop, and you can shop online every day :smiley: